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Artists We met at the Mediamatic workshop ‘Designing Hybrid Wearables’. Right from the start it was obvious we were interested in the same things: working with the affective within the realm of computers and electronics. We formed a ‘bio-feedback group’ and started to conceive and develop e-Pressed 0.1.
Below you can find a short bio of the individual artists and links to their extended CVs.

Anja Hertenberger
Anja studied at the 'Hochschule für bildende Künste' in Hamburg/Germany and made her Master Interactive Media and Environment at the Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen/The Netherlands. She is engaged in structure and order as membrane to privacy. In her video-collages, installations and performances she is researching identity in relation to media, surveillance, power, control and man-machine interaction. She works in different media like drawing, photo, video, computer programming, electronic and embroidery. Download CV (pdf)

Barbara Pais
Barbara has studied Fine Arts at the Art Academy of Oporto University and at Central Saint Martins School in London. She has been working for several years has a textile designer in Portugal and is about to graduate in Textile Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. She is interested in textures, photography, light and creating new realities with the combination of them. Recently she has been focusing on smart textiles and the link between clothes and healing. Download CV (pdf)

Danielle Roberts
Danielle Roberts is originally trained as a monumental designer and sculptor. At the end of last century she made the switch to new media art. In the first years the focus was on internet and CD ROM productions. Through personal, interactive pieces she visualised the exceptional in every day moments using video, animation, photography and text. Through the years her interest shifted to programming online applications and working with (personal and biofeedback) data which make it possible to visualize the processes of the mind.
Working with sensors in a wearable environment is the most recent step in her development. As a consequence of internet and ubiquitous computing the data are more and more ‘live’. This makes it possible to penetrate deeper into the matter of every day life and the mind discovering patterns and motivations. Can these data help to shed a light on the mystery of Life? Download CV (pdf)
Fltr: Anja, Barbara, Danielle with e-Pressed 0.1
Photography Jean-Baptiste LabruneAnja, Barbara, Danielle with e-Pressed 0.1