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Concept Goals
  • Visualize inner states
  • Create awareness
  • Promote interaction
  • Promote well-being
  • New way of communicating/making contact

These days people feel vulnerable when showing so called negative emotions, such as grief, sadness, pain, fear, anger. We want to make space for these emotions and to communicate them in a new way. Our shirt, e-Pressed is a new communication layer for handling the vulnerability caused by these negative emotions.
By sensing and visualizing inner states, e-Pressed creates awareness in the wearer and in others. Awareness is followed by possible interaction, which is stimulated by light visuals. Areas originating from acupressure therapy will light up and invite the wearer and others to press on them, relieving tension and stimulating well-being.
We find this to be a new way of communicating and making contact with others.

Through the input of sensor(s) we would like to define 3 different inner states:

  1. neutral optimum state, white LED on in control switch, 0 acupressure areas light up
  2. stimulation low energy, orange LED on in control switch, 1 or 2 acupressure areas light up
  3. relaxation high energy/stress, blue LED on in control switch, 4 acupressure areas light up

The different points light up according to the input given by the sensor(s). The points will be situated in “areas of interaction”. These areas should facilitate the process of finding the correct points on different people. They will be identified by an LED’s and a print.
By pressing the points, other people can interact with the wearer while pressing them.

When the ‘treatment’ time is over, the light will be turned of.

'This shirt really makes me feel better!'
Artwork Elsa Dray-Farges'This shirt really makes me feel better!'