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  • Your goal and vision is to create a new way of communication and awareness about inner states such as stress and to break borders to communicate hidden emotions.
  • We would like to do more research into biofeedback and emotions. Although we realize emotions can’t be measured directly because they are personal experiences, we still want to explore the different new technologies and possibilities about sensing and measuring emotions and inner states. We want to use several sensors which will give us more (measurable) insight into inner states. We want to develop our current prototype further and use the findings of our research and implement new technologies in an advanced prototype of e-Pressed. Eventually we want to make a piece that could be produced as a limited edition.
  • With the produced limited edition of e-Pressed we like to test the interaction within a group wearing e-Pressed. For example office employees working in on office wearing the shirt during working hours. Or a group of friends wear it during regular meetings. We also like to test it within a group of selected people who don't know each other. What we hope to see is how the reactions are when someone's shirt is blinking. Do people interact the way we expected? Are they using the acupressure areas? Or do they find different gestures and ways to 'help' this person? How does wearing the shirt change the communication and the behaviour inside the group? We want to document this with video and do interviews with the participants.
  • This artist research and the outcome of it we like to show in a documentary and of course here on the website.

research into measuring emotions
Artwork D. RobertsResearch into measuring emotions