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Research Acupressure points We talked to professional acupuncturist and made research by our self about acupressure point which help to relieve stress or give energy in the case of having low energy.

Sensors First we worked on a self build heart rate sensor. But we were not happy about the data which the four prototypes gave us. We also didn't like to build a big thing around the sensor to stabilize the electronic, because we like to have the sensor easy, small and light to wear. The wearer shouldn't be distracted by the sensor.
At a symposium about bio-responses and sensor technique in Leuven, Belgium we met Bernard Grundlehner from Imec in Eindhoven. In general we are interested to collaborate with Imec. At this state of our project Bernard Grundlehner answered a lot of questions and gave us advice. After discussing our problems with the heart-rate sensor with him we changed the sensor technique for our Prototype 0.2 and developed a galvanic skin response sensor. This is easy to build and quite good to measure inner states like arousal/stress. Paul van Bavel from the Digital Lab 's-hertogenbosch helped and still helps us to work on this sensor. At the moment we have a sensor which works for people with the same skin resistance. Now we are working on a device that can adjust to the different skin resistance of different people.
For the next prototype we like to combine different sensors in order to optimize the accuracy of measuring inner states. Again we will take a look at how to build a small and working heart rate sensor or find a collaboration for this.
We also like to combine measurements of the skin temperature, which appears to lower in times of stress. For information about the movement of the wearer we like to combine accelerometers with our sensor technique.
Other sensor technique we are interested in are:
_ measure the tension of muscles, EMG
_ activity of the brain, EEG
_ movement of the abdominal and chest during breathing, Pneumograph
The question for us is how can we make small and handy sensors for the wearer using different sensor techniques. We want to deepen our research in this area.

GRS sensor prototype and logger
Photography A. HertenbergerGRS sensor prototype and logger
Sensor data labeled with activities
Sensor data labeled with activities